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Gangtey Ura
Spotting the rare black necked crashes in the meadows next to Gangtey Gompa is an ornithologist delight. The cranes migrate from the high plains of the Tibetan plateau in winter to the milder climate of Phobjikha.

Gangtey is an old monastery, inhabited only in summer, a few hours drive from Wangdiphrodrang.

Ura Valley The last valley in central Bhutan, Ura Valley, is also the highest in Bumthang.

Ura village and its new monastery are a charming stop before the climb to the east.

Thrumshing La (Pass) The difference between East and West Bhutan are as far greater than the high pass that separates them.
Perhaps like the Scots and the English, there are subtle but marked differences. The journey from Bumthang to Mongar is one the most beautiful in the Himalayas crossing 3800m high Thrumshing La pass. The descend from Thrumsing La to Limithang is astonishing for several reasons. The road drops from 3800m to 650m in only a few hours passing from pine forest through semi-tropical forest to orange groves.
Mongar Town Arriving at MONGAR marks the beginning of your Eastern Bhutan experience. The towns in Eastern Bhutan are built on the sides of the hills, which contrast, to the West where they are concentrated mainly in valleys.
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Mongar Dzong MONGAR DZONG was built in 1953 on the orders of the Third King, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. It is one of the newest Dzongs and yet it is built in the same method and ...
traditions of all the other Dzongs, no drawing and nails have been used.
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In the far east of Bhutan, lies Tashigang at an elevation of about 3200m. It is the country's largest district. Tashigang is also a melting pot of hill tribe people who come into the town to trade. In particular, the unusual Merak and Sakteng people come to Tashigang to trade yak's milk products for provisions that they need in the mountains. Merak and Sakteng are located about 80km East of Tashigang close to the border with the India's Arunachal Pradesh.

Tashigang TASHIGANG DZONG sits on a jagged piece of land jutting out from the town and it the first landmark that can be seen from the road winding up to Tashigang.
The Dzong was built in 1659 and it commands a spectacular view over the valley. It also houses the office of the Dzongda (District Commissioner) and home of the monk body. Unlike the other dzongs, it has only on courtyard.
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The village of Doksum is a few kilometres east of Gom Kora, a small temple on the side of the road. A large boulder sits in the garden of Kom Gora and it is said that if anyone can climb below the rock and emerge from its summit, he will be forgiven of his sins.


TASHYANGTSE DZONG lies at an elevation of about 1800m and was built in 1656 and it was completely renovated in 1976. Like other Dzongs, it is the administrative centre.

Choeten Kora Please click on the image
Chorten Kora is one of the only two such stupas in Bhutan with styles similar to those found in Nepal and it host to a great festivalevery March which attracts all of East Bhutan's residents.
The Chorten is entirely whitewashed and ideally situated next to a running brook.
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