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Phuentsholing Town Please click on the image
Popularly known as the "Gateway to Bhutan." PHUENTSHOLING is a vibrant town located adjacent to the Indian border town of Jagaon.
The town is a bustling commercial center. The climate of the town is hot and humid during summer, and enjoys warm and pleasant winter. It is located 180 km from Thimphu.
Phuentsholing is the only other entry /exit to Bhutan other than the airport at Paro. The closest Indian domestic airport is at Bagdogra, about 160 km from the Bhutanese border, which is connected by daily flights to Delhi and Kolkota (Calcutta). >
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Kharbandi Goenpa Please click on the image
KHARBANDI GOENPA is only a small Goenpa. There is also a small group of resident monks in the goenpa. . The Lhakhang is open for visitors. The temple was built in 1967.
Simtokha Dzong At the entrance of Thimphu valley stands the SIMTHOKA DZONG, consecrated in 1929.

This massive building is the oldest of the fortresses built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

"The fort of the glorious religion", arises on the bank of the Wanchu, ...

... amongst roses, weeping willows and terraces of paddy fields. It houses the Royal Government ministries, the offices of His Majesty the King, the throne room and in summer, the nation's largest monk body's residence and also of the Je Khenpo, the religious chief.

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Prominently standing out of Thimphu, is the stupa styled monument dedicated to the late king, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who is the father of modern Bhutan.

The paintings and statues inside the stupa provide a very rare insight into Buddhist philosophy.

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The town of THIMPHU is nothing like what a capital city is imagined to be. But nevertheless for Bhutan it is a fitting and lively place.

The wooden houses stand side by side with the concrete buildings, all painted and constructed in traditional Bhutanese architectural styles.

Government Handicraft Emporium displays a wide assortment of beautifully hand woven and crafted products. Great Souvenirs.

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