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Bhutan's Climate
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Bhutan's Climatology
Climatology : Mean values
Thimphu Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rain mm 15 41 23 58 122 246 373 345 155 38 8 3
Temperature maxi (°C) 18 19 25 28 30 29 29 28 28 27 23 19
Temperature mini (°C) 2 4 7 12 16 19 20 20 19 13 7 3
Snow in Thimphu
Snow in Thimphu in January 2003 (Photos: Kuensel)
Stations Chhukha Daga Damphu Gedu Samchi Zhemgang Thimphu Trongsa Wangdi
Rain Average Annual cm 157 128 182 350 429 174 65 126 64
Temperature maxi (°C) 27.6 25.3 23.4 23.7 32.0 20.1 25.6 21.7 28.3
Temperature mini (°C) 8.7 7.5 6.5 4.2 16.3 6.4 -3.8 -0.1 4.6


Bhutan has a wide range of climates, from the hot and humid jungles of the southern foothills to frigid snowcapped peaks in the north which rise to 7,700 metres.
Springtime Spring begins by the end of February and lasts till the end of May. Spring is a good season for travelling.
Rainy Season The rainy season starts by June and lasts till the middle or end of September. The rainy season more or less coincides with the summer season. The rainy season is vital for farmers to grow their crops like maize and rice, but it causes roadblocks due to landslides. Sometimes, you may be stranded on the highway for hours or for a few days due to roadblocks. Rainy season is not much loved by the city dwellers.
Summer Summer starts by the end of May and lasts till the end of August. Summer is quite hot everywhere. But in the south, it gets almost terribly hot.
Autumn Autum starts by October and lasts till the end of November.
Winter Winter starts by December and ends in February. In most places in Bhutan, it snows in winter except in Southern Bhutan. Even in the south, it is quite chilly in the morning and evening in winter.
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