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Mules in Bhutan
Mule Trading
Trade with mules
Farmers from Haa, Dorokha and from Arunachal Pradesh, India come to Trashigang to buy the mules during the orange and cardamom seasons. "They buy about 15 mules every time they came to the villages, and take them in trucks," said Samten. So far Radhi alone has bred and sold about 269 mules within seven years and Phongmey has sold about 175 of its 350 mules. "The buyers are still waiting for the rest of the mules to fully mature," said the Trashigang livestock assistant officer, B.N. Sharma. "Both geogs have made about Nu. 3.5 million from breeding and selling mules." But offspring from this cross, although fully developed as males or females, are almost always sterile. "This could lead to the extinction of horses in future if done on a large scale," said B. N. Sharma. "The government policy is to help farmers meet their demands, not to encourage a large scale breeding of mules. But the farmers now seek immediate benefit from this activity."
Contributed by Kuensel journalist Samten Wangchuk
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