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Average Income of Bhutanese People
The average income per person per day in Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu) 40, which is less than a dollar a day, and the average income in rural areas is even lower at Nu 33 per day (77 cents). The poverty line is about Nu 748.10 per person per month, which translates to $17.40 USD per month and $208.75 USD per year .

More than one third of the population lives below this poverty line .

According to law, all tourists must book their travel with a tour operator registered with the government of Bhutan. The Department of Tourism has set minimum tariffs for tourists of $200 USD per night during the high season. All expenses, like accommodation, transport, guide services, entrance fees, etc. are included in this amount. Tourists only pay extra for their drinks and souvenirs.

Out of the $200 USD, about $70 USD are royalties and taxes (among others, the Royal Government of Bhutan is using these revenues to provide free health care and education, also benefiting poor); the rest remains with the tour operator to develop the daily package.

Source: SNV Bhutan 2007
2013: The country’s poverty rate at 12 percent

Around 3.2 percent of the Bhutanese population, or more than 23,800 people, earn less than Nu 1,700 a month.

Besides the piddling income, these people are also deprived of access to basic amenities like education, proper sanitation and access to road and electricity.

On the other hand, around 9.5 percent of the population earn more than Nu 1,700 a month, but do not have access to basic amenities.

This shows an overall 12.7 percent of the population is either income-poor, multi-dimensional poor or both.

Source: KUENSEL , February 2014


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