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The Rural Development Training Project

The high coverage with basic education facilities all over Bhutan has led to high enrolment in the schools and subsequently to high numbers of youth requiring additional training and/or employment opportunities. with a comparatively small civil service and a private sector yet to develop, such employment opportunities for the school leavers are presently limited.

Most available jobs in the modern sector require specialised knowledge and skills other than those possessed by many school leavers. On the other hand, agriculture workforce consists of 75% of the Bhutanese population and is declining by 1.3% annually as a result of internal migration to urban centres. This rural-urban migration of (mainly young) people is a serious threat to the 9th Five-Year Plan Objective to maintain national food security. RDTs aim is therefore to work towards providing and enabling environment for rural employment with the ultimate goal of enhancing rural livelihood through an increased social and economic security

The Rural Development Training Project will contribute to ...
arr Enhance skills and knowledge on agriculture production & rural development
arr Support market oriented farming through appropriate production methodologies
arr Contribute towards creation of employment & income opportunities
arr Support institutional strengthening of producers' group (e.g. )
This training programme will consist of ...
arr an agricultural apprenticeship, complemented with basic theoretical and practical training (mainly for early school leavers)
arr farm Business training for farmers, providing in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge about subjects with economic potential
arr training in rural development support services such as community/producers groups/associations etc. community leaders (how to form a group, accounting, moderating meetings etc.)
Courtesy: Helvetas Bhutan
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