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The 2008 Elections: Reports
Jan 2008 en BBC Bhutan holds its first elections
Jan 2008 en BBC Bhutanese vote in historic poll
Mar 2008 en BBC US congratulates Bhutan on vote
Mar 2008 en BBC Bhutan experiments with democracy


The 2008 Elections: Statements
March 24, 2008 US State Department Elections in Bhutan

We congratulate the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan on the successful elections for the Lower House of Parliament on March 24. This event, which builds upon the historic and peaceful elections for the Upper House of Parliament in December 2007, marks another positive step in Bhutan's transition to a democratic, constitutional monarchy.

March 25, 2008 EU EOM
EU Election Observation Mission - Bhutan
Elections in Bhutan showed a clear commitment of voters and state institutions to support democratic change
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The 2008 Elections: Links
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