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Arktis - Klima im Hoher Norden
ACIA: Impacts of a warming Arctic
Arktis - Klima im Hoher Norden Weitere Informationen
ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
ACIA Impacts of a warming Arctic Document
Naturwissenschaften Klimawandel Geografie-Erdkunde Klima
Information on Arctic Climate Change
ACIA - AMAP Publikationen
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The four documents listed allow you to preview the graphics from the ACIA Overview report 'Impacts of a Warming Arctic'. These (PDF) files include links to the individual graphic files, which are available for public download in two alternative resolutions (72 and 150 dpi). Please note the Policy regarding use of these graphics.

Impacts of a warming Arctic
Graphics Set 1
Arctic Climate Change and its impacts
22 pages
3 MB PDF-File
Impacts of a warming Arctic
Graphics Set 2
Arctic warming and its consequences
16 pages
1,7 MB PDF-File
Impacts of a warming Arctic
Graphics Set 3
Arctic vegetation zones
25 pages
3,3 MB PDF-File
PDF Download
The ACIA graphics are being made available for use by individuals and groups involved in non- commercial enterprises, for example, students, teachers, researchers, scientists and scientific institutes, policy units, etc. engaged in producing reports, scientific or policy papers, presentation and outreach materials, etc.
Under these arrangements:
The individual or group concerned is generally expected to be interested in using single or a limited number (up to 10) of the available graphics.
The ACIA graphics are available for non- commercial purposes, as such they may not be further distributed electronically, in any form, as individual files.

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