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In fact the hospital has come a long way in the last six years. It had commenced services from its two rooms under the leadership of Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, while the hospital was formally inaugurated by Late King Birendra. The hospital which was founded by Dr Shrestha after returning from Austria is spread over 44 ropanis of land while the number of trained doctors is 23. Similarly there are 64 nurses and 39 health technicians. The number of visitors adds up to 59,000.

Meanwhile the hospital is being run on the strength of the community backing and involvement of Dhulikhel Municipality, Association of Health Services and Nepal Med-Austria.Hospital has been also conducting three-year training in co-operation with Kathmandu University in the area of general medical training and clinical health laboratory functioning. Similarly it has also commenced ophthalmic training in co-operation with Tilganga Hospital and physiotherapy training in co-operation with United Mission to Nepal.

Dhulikhel Hospital to extend free services to children, pregnant women
Dhulikhel Hospital, the first and perhaps the only community-run hospital under no profit basis in the country, completed its five years of establishment in 2003. And the occasion was marked with pledges to enlarge its scope of its services. The hospital decided to extend free medical services to children under the age of five and pregnant mothers now onwards. Visitors under this category would be entitled to prompt service round the clock. Services will include vaccination and free medical check-up.

The hospital had immunised nearly 1200 pregnant mothers and over 750 children last year from different diseases.

Stress is being laid on providing uterine service and fertility care to the local women. Nearly 124 pregnant mothers were operated upon at the hospital to give birth at the end of the pregnancies.

The hospital had extended medical services to nearly 700 women visitors last year, with 24 of them being patients of cancer. The hospital has also conducted training to women in emergency pregnancy care. Meanwhile, the hospital is currently extending medical services concerning heart diseases, lung and kidney complications and other complicated ailments.

Earthquake in Nepal 2015

A massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude has rocked central Nepal, causingextensive damage to buildings and hundreds of death and injuries. Thequake struck an area in Lamjung District between the capital Kathmanduand the city of Pokhara. The epicenter was located 77km (48mi) Northwestof Kathmandu 73km (45mi) East of Pokhara.

The earthquake occurred as the result of thrust faulting on or nearthe main frontal thrust between the subducting India plate and theoverriding Eurasia plate to the north.

At Dhulikhel Hospital, the personnel has been focused on saving lives round the clock since the earthquake that happened on April 25, 2015.

The Hospital commenced its free medical services immediately after the earthquake and varieties of injuries, trauma, wound, and factures have been treated.

Even during the aftershocks, the doctors did not stop their service. It is expected that many more victims will arrive over the next few days and weeks.

The staff of the hospital has prepared and alerted the medical team accordingly.

Source: Dhulikhel Hospital, May 2015

The DHOS family including our staff stationed at the outreach centers are fine and got in contact with the hospital. They are trying their best to cope with this devastating situation and the growing number of injured patients.

The main building of the hospital is intact, there are some damage at the Paediatric Building, the new out patient department and the Skill Lab. The DHOS 's outreach centers especially the new buildings are fine - old constructions in Manekharka, Bahunepati and some other outreach centers collapsed.

For further information, please click onto the DHOS's weblink.

Source: Dhulikhel Hospital, May 2015
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Earthquake in Nepal 2015
25 April 2015 M 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal

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