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Khimti 1 Power Plant and Kirne Hydroelectric Project

Himal Power Limited (HPL), SN Power's daughter company in Nepal, has just celebrated the tenth year of its successful operation of the 60-MW Khimti I Hydropower Project, the first private sector project in Nepa.

Himal Power Limited operates the 60 MW Khimti hydropower plant east of Kathmandu. The company was established in 1992 by the Norwegian companies Statkraft SF, ABB Energy and Kværner Energy, and the Nepalese Butwal Power company.

Construction of the Khimti plant started in 1996, and the plant was commissioned in 2000. It was the first private sector power project in the country. Today, it supplies almost 10 percent of Nepal's electricity production.

An extensive community programme has been carried out around the power plant. A mini-hydropower plant has been constructed and it supplies electricity to local villages, counting more than 4300 households. l.

Ten years of operation for Khimti I

Over 4 billion units of electricity; Khimti I plant started commercial operation since July 2000, and has so far generated over 4 billion units of electricity. Khimti 1 has been operated with close to 100% availability and reliability for 10 years now.

In accordance with the Project Agreement with the government, after an additional 10 years of operation half of the Khimti I project will be handed over to Nepal Electricity Authority for a symbolic 1 Rs.

Over 4,600 rural households have been electrified through a 635 kW mini-hydropower plant that is financed through the Khimti I plant. Presently 3,800 more households are being added and another 400 kW power plant is on the cards.

Besides electricity project, HPL has supported several schools in the districts of Dolakha and Ramechhap HPL supports local industry and the strengthening of Nepali competence within the Hydro Power field through the utilization of expertise from such institutions as Hydro Lab and by supporting the establishment of a Turbine Lab in Kathmandu University.

Kirne Hydroelectric Project SN Power was awarded the Survey License in November 2008 by the Government of Nepal to develop Khimti 1 Unit 6 (38 MW) HEP on the Khimti River of Dolakha and Ramechap districts. The project was later renamed the Kirne project and its capacity has been increased to 65 MW .

The Kirne project will share resources with the existing Khimti 1 (60MW) HEP. SN Power has majority shares with management responsibility of Himal Power Limited, which owns and operates the Khimti 1 HEP.

Technical Feasibility Study of Kirne is nearing completion and the Scoping and ToR for EIA is in the process of approval. The construction of the project is planned to start in early 2011 and commercial operation is expected from May 2013.

Source: SNPower 2010


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Source: SNPower
Tamakoshi 3 Hydrolelectric Project
Executive Summary Author: Sweco Norge
Final Report November 2009
with information on e.g. Physical Environment, Biological Environment, Vegetation and Forestry, Wildlife and Birds, Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries, Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects, Agriculture.
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