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Upper Tamakoshi Hydro Project

The peaking run-of-river project Upper Tamakoshi that has 309 MW capacity. The first phase of the hydro project will generate 309 megawatt and in next ten years it will be upgraded to 556 MW (Megawatt) and annual productive capacity is 1737.7 GW (Gigawatt) .

The project will float 10 per cent of the shares to the locals of Dolakha district, where the project is being constructed.

The Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project site lies in the Upper Himalayan ranges near the Chinese border to Tibet. The dam site is 1 km north of the Upper Lamabagar village and 6 km southwards of the Chinese border or 31 km north of Charikot, the district headquarters of Dolakha district.

Underground power house is situated at Gongar village near to the meeting point of Tama Koshi river and Gongar Khola.

A 61.5 km entrance road was needed to reach in the project site where a 33 km long gravel road is running to reach Singati, a local market and a new 28.5 km long road was built from Singati to Lamabagar.

Source: Tama Koshi Hydro


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Source: SNPower
Upper Tamakoshi Hydrolelectric Project
February 2011 Introduction and Present Status
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Source: Tama Koshi Hydro


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