Nepal's Civil War: Human Rights and Child Soldiers
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Child soldiers
Child soldiers in Nepal
Child soldiers in Nepal Reports external internet sites
Child soldiers in Nepal Facts
International Organizations Links
UNMIN Verification of under aged PLA personnel December 2007
UN"The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children" December 2007
OHCHR urges CPN-M to cooperate with reintegration... Nov 2007
UN Security Council: Action to demobilize child soldiers May 2007
IRIN Maoists still holding child soldiers 2007
HRW Recruitment Continues Despite Peace Agreement 2007
IRIN Child soldiers 'still recruited by Maoists' 2007
IRIN Rehabilitation of child soldiers 2006
IRIN Interview on demobilisation of child soldiers 2006
RIIA Child recruitment in South Asian conflicts 2006
Asian Centre for Human Rights Recruitment of child soldiers
Child soldiers in Nepal - Global Report 2004
Child soldiers in Nepal - Report 2003
Nepal's children affected by the conflict
Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Children
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Human Rights
Child soldiers 2001-2005
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