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Social Exclusion and Conflict
Transformation in Nepal: Women, Dalit and Ethnic Groups

Nepalese society is characterized by social exclusion. To this day, women, ethnic groups and the low Hindu casts are subjected to widespread discrimination. The democratization process during the 1990s triggered hopes for improvement among these marginalized groups. However, those hopes were quickly dashed, the previous social structures were maintained, offering the perfect breeding ground for Maoists and their continued fight against the country's constitutional monarchy.

During recent years, numerous organisations were created that support the rights, integration and improvement of the position of these marginalized groups. Moreover, on the level of international cooperation demands for social inclusion become more pronounced, as the peace process seems unsustainable without the participation and integration of all parts of the Nepalese population.

The present study shows how social exclusion has been established throughout the process of nationbuilding, and how it has been manifested in actual terms in daily life.

The study also offers an overview over the approaches, strategies and demands of local women's organisations, activists of ethnic groups and representatives of the Dalits. Furthermore, advantages and disadvantages in supporting discriminated groups will be presented in the broader context of conflict transformation in Nepal.
Source: SwissPeace 2005


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