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Important Information to Visitors or Trekkers
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Important Information to Visitors or Trekkers
Department of Immigration
You are advised to be mindful to contact the Dept. of Immigration for visa transfer in case of getting new passport or travel document from your embassy.
Passport and trekking permits should be kept by the trekkers while trekking.
Filming in restricted areas or notified areas without permission is strictly prohibited.
Please don't take out the visa stickers from your passport and do not try to change records printed in your passport.

We request for your co-operation to observe the following guidelines during your stay in Nepal. Respect local traditions, customs, values and sentiments, help to protect local culture and maintain local pride.

- Respect privacy while taking photographs.
- Respect holy places.
- Refrain from giving money to the children since it will encourage begging.
- Respect for local etiquette earns you respect.
If you make change in your address of residence mentioned in the visa application form or disembarkation card, must furnish to the Immigration Department, Immigration Offices or local police with a notice containing name, passport number and new address as well within seven days.
If your stay period as a tourist is more than 120 days in one visa year and wish to visit other places for spending more than 24 hours, you have to register in the local police office of such place with your name, passport number and address as well.
Let Himalayas change you - Do not change them, so remember, while you are on trekking.

Protect the natural environment.

- Leave the camp site cleaner than you have found it.
- Limit deforestation - make no open fires.
- Burn dry papers and packets in a safe place.
- Keep local water clean and avoid using pollutants.
- Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment.
- Help your guides and porters to follow conservation measures.
Source: Nepal Government, Department of Immigration

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