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Rolwaling Trekking Information
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Rolwaling Photo Gallery
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Rolwaling Trekking
Trekking Information
Rolwaling Trekking area Rolwaling Trekking map
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Rolwaling information
Rolwaling Trekking route
Rolwaling information
new roads
Tama Koshi Valley: Charikot - Singati - Gongar Road
Lamosangu - Jiri Road
There is a motorable road from Charikot to Lamabagar (Tama Koshi valley). The Gongar - Lamabager section of the road is under construction. Lamabagar is accessible by 4WD vehicles. Feather roads are connecting Barhabise with Dolangsa (Tinsang La area) and Charikot with Deorali (Kalinchowk area).
Rolwaling Trek
Basic Information
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Rolwaling Trek
Kalinchowk Short Trek
Helambu Trek
Kalinchowk Trekking
Kalinchowk Short Trek
Charikot Panorama Resort
Earthquakes in Nepal
25 April 2015 M 7.8 Earthquake 12 May 2015 M 7.3 Earthquake
Rolwaling - Gokyo
Charikot -Dolakha Kalinchowk Trekking
Informationen in deutscher Sprache ├ľkotourismusprojekt im Dolakha-Distrikt (Nepal)
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Rolwaling Trekking: Tinsang La - Rolwaling - Charikot
Gauri Shankar
Rolwaling Trekking: Tama Koshi Valley
Tama Koshi Valley: Charikot - Singati - Gongar Road
Tinsang La - Rolwaling - Charikot Charikot - Dolakha District
Rolwaling - Khumbu
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Nepal Kalinchowk - Khumbu
Glaciers in Nepal Photo Gallery
Himalayas & Tibet
Langtang - Gosainkund Everest Region
Bhutan Flight over the Himalayas
Nepal Himalayas: Air view
Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas
Himalayas in Nepal: Mountain Peaks
Annapurna Region
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