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The trek to Shey Phoksundo Lake starts from Dunai, the district headquarters of Dolpa district and takes a little over 20 hours spread over three days to reach there. It is a tiring walk: first, all along the Bheri river and then the Phoksundo Khola from Suligad all the way to the top.

The trail from the gateway of the Park to the lake is striking. The lake's surface is azure and pure on clear days. In addition, the lush green surroundings, the mountains, the cool breeze all combined to reach us to the height of 3660 m.

Before the lake you will have a glimpse of the breathtaking waterfall, just 10 minutes from the turquoise lake.

The lake is surrounded by hills on all sides. You will feel in the pristine and unspoilt beauty of the lake which is the highest and deepest and second largest (after Rara Lake) lake of he country. On clear sky it is possible to see the three glaciers .

The sight is really breathtaking. You can sit there for hours, gazing at the lake and enjoying the serene surroundings. The good part about the lake is that it is still free from any pollution and any filth. There is no ugly littering around.

The lamas of the Shey Monastery have forbidden anyone from having any bath (holy or otherwise) or washing their clothes.

Upper Dolpa Circuit

Dolpa iswith an area of 7,889 sq. kilometers the largest district of Nepal .Dilpa most sparsely populated. Lake Phoksundo is deepest lake of high altitude in the world.

Dolpa is behind the Himalayan mountain chain. The district gets very little rain. Most of the hills are bare with little vegetation.

The people of Dolpa are part of a very isolated culture. This is a land where life still revolves around horses, mules, and yaks

Even today, much of Dolpa is restricted area for tourists, which contributed to the preservation of unique culture of Dolpa.

Some of the attractions of the Upper Dolpa route:

- Dho Tarap, a human settlement at the highest altitude in the world

- Shey Gompa, religiously the most important Gompa in Nepal

- Lake Phoksundo, the deepest lake of high altitude in the world.

The best timefor trekking is from March to May.

Day 1 Ranjha airport near Juphal to Chhepka via Suligad
Day 2 Chhepka to Chunuwar
Day 3 Chunuwar to Dho Tarap
Day 4 Dho Tarap to Ruktang
Day 5 Ruktang to Base Camp
Day 6 Base Camp to Shey Gompa
Day 7 Shey Gompa to Saldang
Day 8 Saldang to Rhakyo via Namdo
Day 9 Rhakyo to High Camp (4,427 m)
Day 10 High Camp to Dho Tarap via Jeng La
Day 11
Dho Tarap to Tangum
Day 12 Tangum to Lashikyap
Day 13 Lashikyap to Dunai via Tarakot
Day 14 Dunai to Juphal
Source: Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), June 2013
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