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Protected Areas and World Heritage: Chitwan National Park

Chitwan lies in the lowlands or Inner Terai of southern central Nepal on the international border with India. The park's boundaries extend from the Dauney Hills on the west bank of the Narayani River eastward 78km to Hasta and Dhoram rivers. The park is bounded to the north by the Narayani and Rapti rivers and to the south by the Panchnad and Reu rivers and a forest road. 27°20-27°40'N, 83°52'-84°45'E

Parsa Wildlife Reserve is contiguous to the eastern boundary of the park and extends as far eastwards as the Bheraha and Bagali rivers. 27°15'-27°35'N, 84°45'-84°58'E

Chitwan was declared a national park in 1973, following approval by the late King Mahendra in December 1970. The bye-laws (Chitwan National Park Regulations) were introduced on 4 March 1974. Substantial additions were made to the park in 1977 and the adjacent Parsa Wildlife Reserve was established in 1984. The habitat had been well protected as a royal hunting reserve from 1846 to 1951 during the Rana regime. An area south of the Rapti River was first proposed as a rhinoceros sanctuary in 1958 , demarcated in 1963 and later incorporated into the national park. Chitwan was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1984.

Chitwan was enlarged from 54,400ha to its present size of 93,200ha in 1977. Parsa Wildlife Reserve covers 49,900ha. There was a proposal to further enlarge the protected areas complex by establishing the 25,900ha Bara Hunting Reserve, adjacent to and east of Parsa Wildlife Reserve, but this has been dropped.

Source: UNEP WCMC more Information: UNEP WCMC Protected Areas and World Heritage Chitwan
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