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Kathmandu: Rani Pokhari and Clock Tower
Historical Places

Machchhendranath Temple

The temple of Sweta Machchhendranath is situated at Machchhendra Bahal between Indra Chowk and Asan. It is a pagoda of considerable artistic beauty. Also called as Janmadyo or Machchhendra the deity.

Akash Bhairav Temple

A three storey temple in the main market avenue, called Indra Chowk, the image of Akash Bhairav is displayed outside for a week during Indra Jatra, the festival of Indra - the God of Rain.

Temple of Kumari (Kumari Ghar)

The temple or the residence of Living goddess, Kumari, is situated in the vicinity of Hanuman Dhoka Palace. The building has profusely carved wooden balconies and window screens. The Kumari- the living Goddess, acknowledges the greetings from her balcony window. Photography is prohibited.

Kathmandu: Durbar Square
Earthquake in Nepal
25 April 2015 M 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal


Located near the temple of Kumari, it is said to have been built by King Laxmi Narsingha Malla in the beginning of the sixteenth century. It is said to be constructed from the wood of a single tree. The city of Kathmandu derives its name from this temple.

Jaishi Dewal

Five minutes from Kasthmandap the Shiva Temple of Jaishi Dewal is famous for its erotic carvings. It is still one of the main routes of the chariot festival of Indra Jatra, Gai Jatra and other festivals.


A huge green field, flanks one entire side of the old city Tundikhei. Some of the important landmarks of Kathmandu valley are located in the periphery of this area. At the south western end of Tundikhel is a 59.29m. tower built by Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa in 1832 A.D. known as Dharahara (or Bhimsen Stambha). Sundhara-fountains with golden water spouts is situated at the foot of this great tower also belonging to the same period. The Dharahara tower was destroyed by a powerful quake in 2015.

Martyr's Memorial (Sahid) Gate

It is located between Bhimsen Stambha and Bhadrakali temple. The memorial arch contains the statue of the late King Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah and the busts of four martyrs.

Bhadrakali Temple

As the eastern edge of the Tundikhel, near Shahid Gate stands the temple of Goddess Bhadrakali. This temple is also known as Lumarhi Temple and is one of the main "Shakta" temples of Kathmandu city.

Singha Durbar

A grand imposing palace built on the neo-classical style. Singha Durbar was the private residence of Rana Prime Ministers. Now it is the Secretariat of His Majesty's Government of Nepal.

Narayanhity Durbar

It is the present Royal Palace. A famous historic water spout called Narayanhity, is situated at the southern corner of the Palace.

Kaisar Library

Located inside the premises of Ministry of Education, Kaisar library is a great centre of rare and valuable books and manuscripts. It is open for the public except Saturdays and other government holidays.

Balaju Water Garden

Situated about five kilometers North-west of Kathmandu, Balaju Garden features fountains with 22 crocodile headed water spout dating from the mid eighteenth century. There is also a swimming pool inside the park.

National Museum

Two and half kilometers west of Kathmandu, the National Museum has a splendid collection of weapons, artifacts from ancient, medieval and modern Nepal. Its archaeological and historical displays are worth seeing. The museum is open everyday except Tuesday and government holidays.

Natural History Museum

Situated three kilometers west of Kathmandu city behind the famous Swoyambhunath hillock this museum has a unique collection of butterflies, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, plants and a variety of fossils collected within the country. Photography inside the museum is prohibited.

Rani Pokhari

Situated in between Ratna Park and Jamal. This historical pond has been built by Pratap Malla to sympathize his beloved wife who was deeply shocked by the death of his son. The pond is opened for public only at the last day of Tihar - "Bhai Tika". Those who doesn't have any brothers or sisters visit Rani Pokhari to pay homage to Lord Shiva on that day.

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