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Myagdi Pun Hill of Myagdi is a popular destination for tourists interested in trekking. The forest in Pun Hill is the world's biggest forest of rhododendrons. The hill always gets a red, tarnished look during the months of March through June.
The Pun Hill has been observing a boom in the number of trekkers of late, mainly due to a feeling of security resulting from the recent cease-fire. The arrival of trekkers to Pun Hill has nearly doubled this season as compared to the similar season last year, statistics show.

Last year, only about 50 visitors arrived in Pun Hill daily in the month of Falgun. This time the number has soared to almost 100 visitors arriving daily in this hill.

According to data provided by Annupurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), altogether 18,277 trekkers reached this hill in the year 2002. This year, the annual figure is expected to sufficiently rise. The early symptoms are supportive to this expectation.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project
Many tourists who came to Pokhara for trekking could not visit this place because of a fear of security.
The ideal season for trekking begins from the second week of Falgun. This year, more than 3 thousand people have already got to Pun Hill from the beginning of the trekking season", informed Gurung.

Most of the trekkers thronging this magnificent hill are Germans, British, French, Israeli, and Japanese. ACAP is working for the protection and conservation of this area. However, each tourist has to pay Rs 200 to ACAP for visiting this area.

Situated at a height of 3210-metre, Pun Hill is one of the most fovourite trekking destinations in Nepal. It is especially famous for a panoramic view of the mountains in the Annapurna Range. The splendours of 11 mountain-range, including Gurja, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Hiunchuli, Annapurna, Machhapuchre, can be grasped from here.

The place is also famous for a magnificent viewing of sunset and sunrise. Furthermore, the place is also famous for biological diversity. Eight types of rhododendrons can be found in this area, let aside other floral species.

There are no permanent habitants in the hill. However, 42 houses have been built at Ghodepani, at about one hour walk downhill. These houses harbour restaurants and lodges for the trekkers. Of the 42 houses, 26 are lodges and 16 are restaurants.

Opening of lodges and restaurants is prohibited in the hill above this point by the Lodge Management Committee. "In order to preserve the environment of Pun Hill, we have prohibited opening of lodge or restaurant above Ghodepani.

Due to a massive decline in the number of trekkers, many lodges have remained closed over the year. Now, both the tourist entrepreneurs and lodge owners are elated over the cease-fire and the proposed peace talks between the Maoists and the government.

The security threat in the past affected not only the incoming of trekkers. It has also stopped a telescope sent by a Norwegian volunteer from coming here. "We did not bring the telescope, fearing it might be robbed off. Now as there is peace, we will soon bring it here," said chairman Pun. At present, the telescope is in the central office of Nepal Red Cross Society.

The surrounding areas of Pun Hill are mainly inhabited by magars, an ethnic caste of Nepal. It is due to their presence in great numbers, that the hill is also called Magar Dado, or magar hill.

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