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Charikot - Dolakha - Dolkha
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Charikot - Dolakha - Dolkha
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Charikot (Dolakha)
Dolakha Charikot
is located at 2000 m to the north-east of Kathmandu can be reached in 4-5 hours by car. The Arniko Highway, the road to Tibet, descends to the valley of the Sun Koshi, offering a scenic view of the whole Himalayan range.

Turning east by crossing the Sun Koshi river the manainous road climbs up to 2,600 m providing spectacular views of the mountains of the East and West before gently descending to charikot, situated on a ledge, 1000 above the Tama Kosi valley.


is an old settlement known for its shrine of Dolakha Bhimsen, the patron deity of businessmen. It is 4 km from Charikot (133 km) on the Lamosangu - Jiri Highway that branches off to the east from the Arniko Highway at Lamosangu. Dolakha is a chance to visit an historic place and enjoy fantastic near- range views of Mt. Gauri Shankar.

The region is bordered by the Sun Koshi River on the west and the Khimti Khola River on the eastem edge. It is divided unequally by the River Tama Koshi, proportionately two thirds to the west of the river and one third to the east.

To the north east lies the impressive Rolwaling Himal, to the western edge of which are such peaks as Gauri Shanker and Melungtse.

Gauri Shanker is synonymous with the god Shiva andhis consort Parvati.

To the north-west the mountains slope gently downwards towards the ancient pass of Kuti that starts above the Tibetan town of Khasa and follows the waters of the Bhote Koshi from Tibet.

The river flows past Kodari and Tatopani (Hot Springs) on the Nepalese side and gradually rushes down into an ever-widening stream of water that becomes the Sun Kosi.

Khimti Khola drains down from a region of five lakes called Panch Pokhari.They have a specifc place in legend and go by the names of Mohi (buttermilk), Jata (hair), Dudh (milk), Bahula (insane) and Bhut (ghost). People believe that if one bathes in Bahula Pokhari one will become insane, whereas the Ghost Lake cannot bear the smell of human perspiration and will pull one inside its murky waters to a certain death if you as much as venture near it. The Khimti Khola joins the Tama Koshi, as do the Khare Khola and Rolwaling Khola to the north-east and the Sangawati, Dolti and Charnewati Kholas to the west.

It is a beautiful region in which the riverine valleys open out into massive volcanic folds. Sub-tropical settlements on the banks of rivers boast banana trees, guava and an abundance of fish. Above the banks hover the terraced fields of paddy, make, wheat and millet.

Between Charikot and Jiri the road descends to 845 metres and to our surprise is bordered by plantations of sugar-cane. Above these slopes are forests of dark oak, fir and pine, interspersed with tangles of bracken and fem all in the embrace of clinging orchids and coloured in the springtime by the rhododendrons, the national flower of our mountain land.

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