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Saptari - Sunsari - Udayapur: Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Saptari-Sunsari-Udayapur: Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Saptari Koshi Tappu is the only Ramsar Site (a wetland of international significance) in Nepal. More than half of Nepal's birds are recorded from Koshi Tappu! Among the mammals, besides Wild Water Buffaloes, the elusive Gangetic Dolphin and Fishing Cat are occasionally seen here.
Best time to visit Camps
The best time to visit Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is from October till May Most of the camps are centrally located at the reserve's eastern edge, a known site good for birds and wildlife. The camps are easily accessed from the East-West Highway as are the Reserve Headquarters.
Koshi Tappu
Getting there
By Air: 50 minute flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar. The Park entrance is a little over an hour's drive from Biratnagar airport. There are number of daily flights to Biratnagar from Kathmandu. It is a two hours drive from Kakarvitta Border to India and only one hour from Biratnagar Airport.

By Surface: The Koshi Barrage lies in the East West Highway and the KTWR Headquarters lies at Kusaha, 18 km from the barrage and only 2.5 km for the Jamuwa point of East West Highway. There are day and night bus services to reach Koshi Tappu from Kathmandu, one should stop at Jamuwa or Lauki Bus Stop. It is a eleven hours drive from Kathmandu to reach Koshi Tappu.

From Chitwan it is 300 km which takes roughly 8 hours and from Kathmandu it is 500 km.

Excursion - Birds watching Time to stay
Most of the site is easily reached by vehicles, boats, and bicycles and on foot. The best sites for bird-watching is between the river, grassland, bushes and marshes along the eastern embankments from Haripur to Madhuban. The barrage and the wetlands nearby it, the Pink Tower is also good for bird-watching. Rare mammals occurring are Gangetic Dolphins, Wild Water Buffalo, Smooth Coated Otters, Fishing Cats, Nilgai Antelope, Hog Deer etc. Several Camps operates nature walks, boat rides, bicycle trips, and safaris in 4-wheel drives. At least three days of stay is required to do birding in Koshi Tappu. An additional day is required to do birding in the Chatara-Dharan Forest.