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The Nepalese people are friendly and hospitable by nature and the tourists in general will have no difficulty in adjustment. All the same, one may be confused regarding some customs, traditions and manners as in coming into any unfamiliar society. Nepal like any other country, has its own way of regulating life thought it might be different in degrees to each individual visitor.

We want the visitors to observe and see the way the Nepalese people live and share with them. It is in this spirit that we offer some practical guidelines that could help to make the stay delightfully, homely and rewarding.

Races and tribes

Nepal has a population of more than 28 millions, made of different races and tribes. The Gurungs and Magars live mainly in the west and the southern slopes of Annapurna, Himalchuli and Ganesh Himal mountains.

The Rais, Limbus and Sunuwars inhabit also the slopes and valleys of eastern mid hills.

The Sherpas live in the Himalayan region up to an average altitude of 4,570 m.

The Newars constitute an important ethnic group in the capital valley of Kathmandu.

There are Tharus, Yadavas, Satar, Rajvanshis and Dhimals in the Terai region.

The Brahmans, Chhetris and Thakuris are spread generally over most parts of the Kingdom.

Many different ethnic groups have their own languages for dialects, but Nepali, the national language, written in Devenagari script, serves purposes of the the Kingdom's lingua franca in Nepal. The educated people speak and understand English as well.

Nepal: Some hints
Some hints
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