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February 2016
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February 2016

Nepal ready to welcome visitors

According to our sources in Nepal the situation in the quake-hit remote areas remains very difficult. Trekkings together with experienced tour guides are possible.

In the main tourist areas the banks are open. Most of the tourist hotels are open. The bus services between the major cities are mostly operating.

Mobile networks in Kathmandu , Charikot, Pokhara and Lukla area are functional.

The road network in the quake-hit areas has major damages.

We recommend all tourists to be well prepared for any situation before travelling.

Please contact your travel agency and your airline for further information.

Fuel crisis in Nepal

Nepal is actually running out of essential commodities including fuel. Queue of vehicles lined up before every gas station across the country. There is sporadic traffic on city roads and transit roads.

The supply of petroleum products to Nepal has stopped. The blockade has affected all sectors including economic affairs and people's daily lives.

India or members of the Madhesh-centric parties are blocking supplies into Nepal to express their protest against the new constitution. Nepal's government has been unable or unwilling to negotiate a settlement.

A severe fuel shortage has crippled Nepal, causing added hardship for millions of people already trying to recover from a devastating earthquake. But unrest along the border has blocked imports from India, including medicines, food, and fuel. The lack of fuel has impeded efforts to bring relief supplies to remote areas and cut off transportation to healthcare facilities.

In December 2015 nine international aid agencies, including several United Nations bodies and major donors, issued a joint statement warning: "The health and humanitarian implications of the present scenario are grave."

The border blockade has caused commodity prices to rise dramatically. The black market price for petrol is about 230 rupees (US$ 2) per litre, which is 130 percent more than the official price fixed by the government.

Source: IRIN, 20 January 2016

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April 2015
A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, 25 April 2015. The earthquake causing massive damage in the Central and Western Regions of Nepal. The aftershocks continue to affect the daily lives of people. The heartland of Nepal's tourism industry between the Annapurna Range and the Everest region has bee affected badly. Many houses and buildings have collapsed.
April 2015 M 7.8 Earthquake in Nepal

In the Kathmandu Valley, public life remains quiet. While small grocery shops have opened their doors today, large businesses remain closed. With fuel reserves running low, cars and trucks are lining up at gas stations in town. Banks remain closed. While automatic banking machines are functional, replenishment is not occurring. Mobile networks in Kathmandu remain functional. Impact on agriculture based livelihoods and food security is expected to be extremely high.

Infrastructure damage, collapsed bridges and damaged road is reported to be extremely high.

We recommend all tourists to be well prepared for any situation before travelling.

Please contact your travel agency and your airline for further information.

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