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Human Rights and Children
The Maoists' conflict and its impact on the rights of the child May 2005
Human Rights and Children
The Maoists' conflict and its impact on the rights of the child

Asian Centre for Human Rights
May 2005

Recruitment of child soldiers

There have been credible reports of the Maoists recruiting child soldiers. The Maoist-aligned student wing All Nepal National Independent Students' Union- Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) has been responsible for forcing school students of the Kathmandu to take its membership. According to Karna Bahadur Shahi, president of National Private and Boarding Schools Association Nepal (N-PABSAN), the ANNISU-R activists storm into the schools and force students of classes eight, nine and ten to take their membership and if any school tries to resist, they threaten the management.141 In two days i.e., 13 and 14 November 2003, the Maoists allegedly forcibly mobilized around 1,000 students from several schools of Achham district for "organisation expansion.

The abducted students comprised of the nine grade and above mostly from the Jalapa Devi and Bidhya Mandir higher secondary schools and schools of Raniban, Dhakari, Toli, Binayak, Koika VDCs.142 Another 200 teenage students were allegedly abducted by the Maoists from Nandeswari Secondary School and Bindeswari school in Achcham district on 4 December 2003.143 Many school children from remote Mugu district reportedly fled their homes to some safer places to escape Maoist recruitment of youth and school children as their party cadres. Some of these children were working as dishwashers in hotels while others were engaged in other manual labour.

On 19 July 2004, Maoists reportedly kidnapped over 40 students and 14 teachers from two schools of Chhaimale VDC on the outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley. The kidnapped students belonged to grades IX and X. All girls belonging to grade IX were taken away. The Maoists selected only those boys from grade IX who looked sturdy and intelligent. They, however, took away all the students of grade X. Twelve teachers, including principal Jagdish Prasad Singh of the Shree Krishna Secondary School of Chhaimale, and two other teachers, including its principal Bidur Prasad Gautam from the Pancha Kanya Primary School Bhandar Kharka, were dragged away.145

The Maoists allegedly abducted 140 boys in Parbat and Bajura districts of Nepal on the night of 16 November 2004 for recruiting in their militia. Hundreds of youths reportedly fled their homes due to the fear of being kidnapped by the Maoists

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