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Shortest roadlink to China on the way
The Syabrubensi - Rasuwagadhi Highway Project

May 2001

map For millions of people in Nepal and China whose only overland connection is through the Kodari or the Arniko highway, this could be a good news: Chinese and Nepali officials are currently working on to speed up the Syabrubensi - Rasuwagadhi highway project.

If constructed, the highway will link Nepal with Tibet's Kyirong, which lies next to Rasuwagadhi.

The Chinese Embassy officials in Kathmandu are in the process of awarding mapping works of the proposed highway project site to a Finnish private firm, FINMAP. "FINMAP has written in its proposal sent on August 21 that it will submit the aerial and digital maps of the project site within three months," an engineer told. "Other works - like feasibility study, costing and construction - will begin thereafter.

Experts say only 19 kilometre-long-road needs to constructed from Syabrubensi to Rasuwagadhi in the central mountainous district of Rasuwa in order to open the new roadlink. Syabrubensi lies 135 kilometres north-west of here, and 15 kilometres north of Dhunche, the district headquarters of Rasuwa district.

And from Trishuli (Bidur), the district headquarters of Nuwakot, Syabrubensi lies 63 kilometres away; and Trishuli will be linked with Prithvi Highway near Galchhi if another 17 kilometre road project, popularly known as Galchhi - Trishuli linkroad, is upgraded.

According to the president of Rasuwa district, the Chinese government last year allocated Rs 670 million for the highway project.

Moreover, in the annual budget for the current fiscal year, the government (of Nepal) too has allocated Rs 51 million for the project, the president said. "We are absolutely in favour of the new China-Nepal roadlink is clear from the fact that three successive annual council meetings of our District Development Committee have endorsed the proposal," the president added . "According to Chinese authorities in Kerung the Chinese too want the highway to be constructed. It is in their interests too.

"Experts say the proposed highway will not only ease pressure on the 125-km Kodari Highway- which was also constructed with the Chinese assistance in the 1960s - but also contribute towards boosting the age-old trans-Himalayan trade subsisting between the two Asian neighbours. The road will be Nepal's shortest roadlink with China when completed. It will help boost Nepal's economy in that Chinese goods will have easier access to Nepal's markets, and that we will have shorter via-Tibet-route to supply foodgrains to our inaccessible hills districts of the western and mid-western regions.

The Syabrubensi - Rasuwagadhi Highway is also expected to cut short the distance between Nepal and Lhasa, the capital of Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

Beginning this year, the government has started to send food supplies to such inaccessible hill districts as Dolpa, Humla, Mugu and Mustang via Tibet. "This road will definitely bring about drastic changes in our lives," stresses Hirachan. "The government should not delay the highway project, and it should not care what Indians say. It is in the interest of Nepal and China." Of late, the two governments during Foreign Minister Chakra Prasad Bastola's China visit in August, agreed in principal to open two more roadlinks - Mustang - Lizhi road and (Sankhuwasawa) Kimathangka - Dingri road - to facilitate trans-Himalayan trade.

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Highway will bring Nepal and Tibet closer together

January 2010

China has agreed to help Nepal to build a 17 kilometers long second road that will connect Syabrubensi of Rasuwa district (Nepal) with Kyirong county of Tibet (China). Kyirong valley lies at an altitude of about 2,600 meters above sea level.

China is spending almost US$ 20m to build just a 17-kmstretch of road from the Tibetan border town of Kyirong to Syabrubensi. Syabrubensi is connected with Dhunche, the headquarters of Rasuwa district, and Trishuli Bazar, the district headquarters of Nuwakot district, by a motorable road. Syabrubensi or Dhunche are starting points of Langtang and Gosainkund trekkings.

Until now, yaks and mules have been the only way to transport heavy goods across this border area.

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April 2015 A M 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal


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