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Water-borne diseases
Water-borne diseases
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During the monsoon season in the Himalayan area an increasing number of people suffering from typhoid, gastro-enteritis, cholera and hepatitis A and E caused mainly by the consumption of contaminated food and water. Among the water-borne disease, typhoid and gastro entertitis are most common. Every day, the hospital rececives a lot of gastro/entertitis patients. In Nepal for example, last year, out of 2174 cases, 6 persons died of this disease.
Water-borne diseases are rampant among the people working in carpet factories, says Maharjan.

According to doctors, germs causing jaundice, enteric fever ( typhoid) and gastro-entertisis, cholera and Hepitatis A and E tend to thrive in summer. The medium of spread is feacal-oral root, when consuming water contaminated by human excreta. Besides that, foodstuffs exposed to unhygienic conditions along the road side and lack of sanitation are also responsible for such diseases.

Some of precautionary measures
maintain water quality by boiling them hard

maintain sanitation

avoid stale and contaminated food

promote health awareness

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