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Myagdi: Dhunga - Pun Hill
Dhunga: On the foot of Poon Hill
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Myagdi There is no doubt that Pokhara and the vicinity will be visited by much more tourists than years before. Therefore we need to develop new tourist spots with sufficient physical facilities for the increased numbers of tourists.

The area needs new trekking routes that give better opportunity for the tourists to explore the wilderness of the region other than the one that is heavily crowded.

Ramche VDC is one of the forty one 'Village Development Committees' of Myagdi district bordering with Kaski district to the east and Parbat to the south. This VDC comprises three villages Ramche, Kaphaldanda and Nangi with a total population of about 3,500. More than 90% population of the VDC belong to Pun Magar, one of the highest living tribes in Nepal.

Himanchal High School is situated in Nangi village. It has six feeder schools, five primaries and one middle school.

There are 250 students in the high school studying in academic year of 1997. Upto the middle school section, the government supports to pay for the teachers.

The high school section was started in 1993 with the initiation of three villages Nangi, Ramche and Kaphaldanda of Ramche VDC and three villages Banbare, Dandakateri and Lopre of neighbouring Lekhpant VDC of Parbat district. The high school is fully supported by the contribution received from local people and friends abroad. The yearly expenses for running the school now is over Rs.400,000.
Although this area is not situated on the main tourist trail, more than 50 organized groups of tourist every year pass through this area on their way to Khopra, Ghorepani or Ghandrung. They either camp out in Nangi or in Ramche.

Nangi School has established a well facilitated camping ground to raise money for the school with the financial support of the Institute for Himalayan Conservation, Japan in the past two years, we raised about Rs.100,000 from the camping ground.

For the last two decades, Pun Hill is serving as a very good view point of the Himalayas and Ghorepani as a good resting place for the tourists. However, the proposed site of Dunga gare Deurali gives the following advantages to the tourists over Pun Hill and Ghorepani.

It gives better and wider views of the Himalayas because it is over 100m higher than Pun Hill and is located about two kilometers to the south of Pun Hill. One can easily tell the difference of the views after one visits there
A better sun rise and sun set can be viewed from this spot. Furthermore, those tourists who stay in Ghorepani have to walk about forty five minutes up to Pun Hill to see the sun rise and sun set. However, one can see it from the windows of their room,
Views of the three beautiful valleys, Pokhara to the east, Nangi to the west and Sikha to the north can be seen from here. Phewa Lake and the night view of Pokhara city can be seen clearly from here.
Since this area is not on the main trail of the local people and is far away from any villages it is very quite, peaceful and clean.

The proposed spot of Dunga gare Deurali can be also used as a side trek for the tourists who stay overnight at Ghorepani. Thus there is a very good chance that we can make tourists to spend one more day in the area if we develop the area as a tourists spot.

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