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Country Information

About Bhutan
Bhutan News
Bhutanese Culture
Bhutan Information


Culture & People

Architecture in Bhutan
Bhutanese Beliefs
Bhutanese Culture
Bhutan Information
Bhutan's National Dresses
Bongo People
Ethnic Groups
Dechen Dzong in Zhemgang
Dzongkha - National Language
Dzongkha Glossary - Some Terms > Dzongkha - English
Drukgyel Dzong
Dzong Pictures
Drubthop Nagi Rinchhen lhakhang
Festival Dates
Film (Movie): Travellers & Magicians

Economy & Development
Austria in Bhutan
Bumthang Tourism
Bumthang Paddy Cultivation
Bhutanese Farms Photo Gallery
Bhutan's Textile Industry
Bhutan Development Projects
Bhutan Development story
Bhutanese Income
Development in Bhutan
Druk Air - Royal Bhutan Airlines
Gedu is booming
Helvetas: NRTI - School in Lobesa
Kuensel - National Newspaper Photos
Men Weaver
Mobile Phones in Bhutan
Netherlands in Bhutan
Politics: The Chhoetse Penlop
Rice Production
Rice bowl of Trashigang
SNV Integrated Conservation Development
Swiss Ambassador to Bhutan
Culture & People

Folk Heritage Museum Thimphu
Gasa Hotsprings - Tsachhu
Laya - Gasa
Layaps in Laya
Laya-Gasa: HIV campaign
Male Fire Dog Year > Outlook
Mask & Folk Dances
Mask Dance: Drametse Ngachham
Merak-Sakten Brokpa
Punakha Dzong
Role of the Atsara
Traditional Medicine
Trashiyangtse dzong
Textile Museum Thimphu
Topics: Culture, Education, Nature...
Traditional Bhutanese guitar
Treasures of the Thunder Dragon
Tshechu Festivals
Weaving in Bhutan



Education in Bhutan
Bhutan's Education System
Education in Bhuddist traditions
Fuel efficient stoves
Giving Back Project
Natural Resources Training Institute
New English Curriculum
Samtse: Schoolwise in Sengdhen
Girls enrolment lagging behind
Topics: Culture, Education, Nature...
University of Bhutan



Animals of Bhutan: Bear, tiger, takin...
Bhutan's Nature
Bears in Gasa
Blue Poppy - National flower
Botanical Garden Thimphu
Climate & Weather in Bhutan
Cordyceps sinesis or Yartsa Goenhub
Forests in Bhutan
Golden Langurs
Glaciers of Bhutan
Himalayan Black Bear
Lamperi - New Botanical Garden
Protected Areas
Snow Leopard
Topics: Culture, Education, Nature...
Traditional Medicine


Politics & News

Bhutan Topics Politics
Bhutan's King: The 5th Druk Gyalpo
Bhutan National Assembly
Bhutan's new constitution - Draft
Bhutan News
Chhoetse Penlop- Crown Prince
Elections 2008
Maps of Bhutan
Swiss Ambassador to Bhutan



Archery in Gasa
Bhutan Topics Sports
Bhutan at the Olympics


Royal Family

Bhutan's Royal Family
Bhutan's King: The 5th Druk Gyalpo
Bhutan's King: The 4th Druk Gyalpo
Books written by a Member of the Royal Family
Her Majesty Ashi Phuntsho Choden's Life
>Royal Family
Ugyen Wangchuck & Younghusband
Yab Uguyen Dorjii - Father of the Queens
HM Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck in Switzerland
HM Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck



Bhutan's Religion
Bodhgaya pilgrimage
Bonism and Shamanism
His Holiness - The Je Khenpo
lha festival: A dying Bon tradition
Mask & Folk Dances
Religious Ceremonies
Thankas - Scroll paintings

Economy & Development

Swiss Exhibition in Bhutan 2004
Switzerland in Bhutan
Textile Festival 2003
Weaving in Bhutan
Yak Butter Marketing
Yak Farming


Photo Galleries & Videos

Across the Country Photo Gallery
Bhutan Videos
Bhutanese Farms Photo Gallery
Bhutan Photo Galleries Start
Bhutan Photo Galleries Contents
Gasa Dzong
Gasa Trekking Photo Gallery
Damji_Village near Gasa
Dochula - Druk Wangyal Khangzang Chhortens
Druk Air
Dzong & Monasteries Galleries Wangdi
Phodrang, Paro, Punakha ...
Himalayas in Bhutan
Kuensel Photo Gallery
Mo Chhu Valley
Mules in Gasa
Phobjikha Valley and Gangtey Monastery
Stamps from Bhutan
Thimphu Valley
Western Bhutan Panoramic Views


Travel & Tourism

About Bhutan
About Trashigang
About Mongar - Lhuentse
Bhutan Information
Bhutan News
Centenary of Monarchy
Climate & Weather in Bhutan
Gelephy tshachu - Hot springs
Festival Dates
Gasa Laya Lingzhi Trekking Map
Gasa Laya Trekking Profile
Gasa Trekking
Laya : Not quite a hidden land
Malaria in Bhutan
Maps of Bhutan
Phobjikha Valley and Gangtey Monastery
Thimphu - Capital of Bhutan
Trekkings in Bhutan
Trekking in Bhutan: A long way to go
Trekking: Punakha-Gasa-Laya
Traveller's health: HIV-AIDS
Tourism Links
Visitor Information


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About YANA Expeditions
Biking & Cycling in Bhutan
Bhutan's Education
Bhutan's Health
Bhutan Photo Gallery
Bhutan Photo Gallery 2
Climate in Bhutan
Culture Tours: Costs
Druk Air
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Hike Bhutan
Laya Gasa Trekking
ATBO & DoT: License and Registration
Special Tours
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Woman, Children & Gender
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Helvetas: NRTI - Schule in Lobesa
Die Schweiz in Bhutan: Helvetas
HM Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck in der Schweiz

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